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All the links below relate to self-catering holiday accommodation which have been used by people living with MND. They found all their needs were catered for and have been happy to recommend the following to the Leicestershire & Rutland Branch.

(Gay Pepper, who owns Peppersbarn, also has 2 holiday cottages in Morfa Bychan, Porthmadog. If you search Ty Hapus & Arfon, Porthmadog you will find a link to both.)

There are various sites on the internet advertising accommodation suitable for the disabled. If you find a place which meets your needs and would like to share the information with others, please let us know and we would be happy to to add it to the website.   


Listening Books is a national charity that provides an audiobook library service to children and adults who struggle to read or hold a book due to an illness, disability, mental health issue or learning difficulty such as dyslexia. 

They currently have funding to offer a number of FREE individual memberships to people with MND who are living in Leicestershire and who would find their usual membership fees (ranging from £20 to £45 per year) a barrier to joining the service.  

About their library

The Listening Book service caters for children and adults with a wide variety of print impairments including sight problems and learning difficulties, those who struggle to hold a book or turn its pages due to physical disability, and those who struggle to concentrate or recall what they have read due to an illness or mental health issue.  They have a huge range of wonderful fiction and non-fiction titles, including educational titles and study guides (from Key Stage 2 to A Level), from bestselling authors such as Philippa Gregory, Agatha Christie, Roald Dahl, JK Rowling, David Walliams, Terry Pratchett, James Patterson, Jacqueline Wilson, Marian Keyes and many more.  Their audiobooks are available across three easily accessible formats:

  • MP3 CDs sent through the post (all postage is included in the membership)
  • Downloads from our website which can be transferred to a portable device such as a tablet or smart phone to listen on-the-go
  • Online streaming through a Windows PC, Mac or compatible device

For anyone who loves books but struggles to read in the usual way, audiobooks are a fantastic alternative, providing access to new releases, fascinating non-fiction or treasured classics, as well as offering the comfort and relaxation of getting lost in a great story. 

How to apply

To find out more or to apply for a free subscription, individuals can register by visiting the Listening Books website and ticking the box to apply for a free place:  Please be assured that there are no costs for the free memberships which will continue for as long as the member wishes to use the service.  


Did you know that there is an organisation that is able to make customised adaptations and alterations to equipment for people with disabilities? 

Remap is a charity that has been in existence for over 50 years.  It operates through autonomous panels spread throughout the UK.  Local panels consist of volunteer engineers and craftspeople who use their skills to design and construct equipment to help people with disabilities lead more independent lives or to increase their opportunities for taking part in leisure activities.  The service is offered free to clients, with the sole proviso that the equipment should not be commercially available – although adaptation of existing equipment can be undertaken.  

Remap has a local branch and has helped people with MND in our area by creating aids or adapting commercially available items for the specific requirements of the individual. For example, they enabled a member with MND to continue playing a musical instrument by creating a special support and have designed and constructed a ramp for a difficult access. If you or someone you know is struggling to do something or you have tried aids that don't quite work for you, do discuss the problem with the MND nurses or the MND Occupational Therapist as they can advise you further.

 For further information see the Remap website at 


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