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Association Visitors

The Leicestershire and Rutland team of Association Visitors offer caring, informed support to people with MND and their families. They work as part of a local team visiting people with MND and their carers at home or keep in touch by telephone or email. They provide an invaluable link for people living with MND, keeping them in touch with the MND Association and proactively signposting them to various other sources of help.

Specially trained AV's also support the work of the MND multi-disciplinary clinic. This was established in 2007 and Branch involvement has continued to be appreciated by users and clinicians alike. The successful involvement of volunteers can only happen if a branch has such a committed and "professional" team of welfare visitors as we are fortunate to have in Leicestershire and Rutland - coupled with ongoing and high quality training from national office.

Association Visitors

  • make and maintain contact by telephone, email or face-to-face with people living with MND
  • explain the support and services the Association and other local services can offer
  • enable people with MND to identify problems as they arise and explore how these might be managed
  • liaise with Health and Social Care Professionals.
  • offer a warm welcome and give support to those attending the MND clinics at LOROS.
Equipment and Financial Support

The MND Association and the Leicestershire and Rutland Branch can help with providing equipment or financial support where necessary. Requests for support are always dealt with sympathetically and confidentially. In the past the Branch has provided direct financial support towards the cost of a variety of items and services such as transport, holidays, minor home adaptations, domestic support and complementary therapies. In some cases, the Branch also contributes to the cost of  major items and specialist support where applications have been made directly to MNDA's Support Team at the national office in Northampton. 

As grants cannot normally be made retrospectively, it is essential to seek advice from an appropriate member of the professional health or social care team before applying for financial support or purchasing the items or service required. 

Requests for financial assistance towards major items or specialist equipment (see below) should be made directly to the Equipment Loan and Financial Support Team, MND Association, 10-15 Notre Dame Mews, Northampton, NN1 2BG.                                                                

Examples of financial support categories for which applications should be made directly to the Support Team at Northampton include :-              Stair lift; washer/dryerWC; respite care; communication aids; major adaptations eg. ramps, wet rooms; head / neck /arm supports.

All applications for financial support or equipment must be made by completing the appropriate form. For further advice or information, please contact the Branch Treasurer,  Association Visitor Coordinator or the Specialist MND Nurse.

Coping with Loss

Through the network of Association Visitors and professionals here in Leicestershire we realised that many families and friends felt the need for continuing contact with the people who had helped support them and their loved one through their difficult journey with MND. We also recognised that some of those who were left still needed support in coping with their loss.

We therefore offer support in a number of ways.

Time of Tribute. With the support of our colleagues at LOROS, we hold occasional memorial ceremonies to enable people to get together, reflect on their experiences and pay tribute to those they have lost to MND. These ceremonies take the form of a short programme of music, readings and reflections from branch members and some of the professional staff who work with people with MND. The aim is to provide some comfort and hope for those who share the pain of loss through MND.



MNDA Memorial Tree. In November 2010 a small group of us witnessed the planting of our MNDA memorial tree at the Leicester Arboretum. The tree is a crimson maple and is intended as a permanent and beautiful memorial to those we have lost to MND. The tree is quite easy to find from the car park at Shady Lane and there is a plaque at the base to identify it. For more details contact one of the AV coordinators.


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