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2011 MNDA OSCARR "HIGHLY COMMENDED"  for Awareness Raising

We are proud of the fact that the Leicestershire and Rutland Branch of MNDA has now won several OSCARRs! No, we haven't spelt it wrong and we haven't been starring in any films. It actually stands for Outstanding Support, Care, Awareness and Revenue Raising and is the Association's way of recognising outstanding performance in local branches. 

This year we were proud to be awarded a Highly Commended OSCARR for Awareness Raising in 2011. The picture below shows Karen Pearce, MNDA's Director of Care - South (centre) presenting the certificate to Branch Vice Chair Ruth Johnson and Publicity Officer Lee Parkin at the 2012 AGM.  




2010 MNDA OSCARR for Splendid Support


The picture above shows Isobel Jenkins and Jenny Holmes Shuttlewood with the 2010 award which recognises the exceptional work of our Association Visitors and others in the Branch who support local people living with MND. As so much of what they do goes unseen we were all thrilled that their outstanding service and commitment has been recognised more widely.

BUPA Award for Clinical Excellence

In 2009, the Leicestershire and Rutland MND palliative and supportive care pathway project was awarded the prestigious BUPA prize for clinical excellence. The work undertaken by the team was sponsored by MNDA and the Leicestershire and Rutland Branch and resulted in the introduction of the Leicestershire & Rutland MND Multi-disciplinary Team Clinic. We are proud of our role in this achievement as MNDA staff and branch association visitors were involved in the earliest stages of the project and continue to support the work of the multi–disciplinary team.

ALS/MND Allied Professional Forum and International Research Symposium – Birmingham 2008

In November 2008 the Branch was invited to attend the ALS/MND International Symposium in Birmingham to give a presentation at the Allied Professionals Forum about the role of volunteers in the Leicestershire MND multi-disciplinary support and palliative care pathway project. Association Visitors from the Branch also attended the Symposium's 3 day research forum to present a poster about their role in the project. Health and social care workers and research scientists from all over the world came to share their expert knowledge and professional experience. It was a privilege to attend and we received some very positive feedback and considerable interest in the work being done in Leicestershire.


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